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All Type and Sizes of Events


e-Tickets with Secure Barcodes

You can use the ticketrodeo platforms to sell tickets to all type and sizes of events. From rodeos, concerts and small parties, to fairs and shows. From general admission events to assigned seat events with complex seating charts, public events or private ones.  Create your events, upload pictures and videos, set the prices, set the capacity and start selling.


Buyers will have the option to print their tickets at home or just show on their phone. All e-tickets are printed with a secured barcode and QR code. E-tickets can be validated for duplicate and fraudulently generated tickets using your smartphone.  Ticket buyers must purchase the text messaging tickets so that there is no additional cost to you.

Interactive Seating Chart


Gate-Control & e-Tickets Validation Using Your Smartphone

Using our state-of-the-art technology, called Seating chart designer, you can build an interactive seating chart for virtually any rodeo arena or venue. Whether amphitheaters, round-table (dinner style), night clubs or any combination, and allow users to pick their seat on the seating chart.

You will be able to drag the sections around and rotate them to get the best possible view of your venue. Different price levels will show in different colors on the seating chart.


Ticket Rodeo offers different methods for gate control and e-Ticket validation. One of the most popular ones is using your smartphone, optionally with a Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Each event you create will have ticket gate control software for easily scanning ticked fans. Larger events and professional event organizers and venues can optionally use a hardware Bluetooth barcode scanner for faster and professional scanning while small events may print an admission-list instead of scanning.

Control All Charges


Get Access to the Sales Money Directly and Before the Event

YOU are the one who determines and collect the charges. You will decide how much the buyer pays in service charges, shipping charges and return charges. You may choose a small amount (maybe around $2.00) to cover all your ticketing charges and break even, or you may choose a higher amount to make money out of your ticketing service.  Or, you may waive all charges and pay for the ticketing processing out of your pocket.  It is all your call!


One of the greatest advantages of is that sales money goes directly into your account through your PayPal or Strips Account.  It means that you will have access to the sales money as tickets sell and several days before your event.

If you don't have a payment processor, don't worry, you can get one during the setup in couple minutes.  Ticket Rodeo is compatible with the most popular payment processors including Stripe, Braintree,, PayPal.  

Price Levels, Price Variations, Multiple Price Per Seat, Accessible Seats


Season Tickets and Packages

Ticke Rodeo offers very rich and flexible price level structure options for your platforms.  It allows you to have multiple prices per seat, such as kid's price vs. adult price, you can have group prices like family price and you can have time-based prices like early-bird price.  Seats may be marked as accessible (wheelchair).


Bundle events to create season tickets or packages. You can optionally set discount for package buyers. For example, allow the ticket buyer to purchase a rodeo ticket and dance ticket all in one transaction.

Coupons and Promotion Codes


Social Network Marketing & Facebook Integration

Our online ticketing platforms offer flexible coupons and promo codes. Coupons in the forms of percentage, amount per ticket, amount per invoice or buy-one-get-one-free. You can limit it to all or certain events, limit the number of usage, or limit to certain ticket prices or a minimum or maximum purchased tickets.